Finding Good Coffee in Paris: Café Oberkampf, Coutume Instituutti and Boot Café


As promised, my search for great coffee in Paris has continued. This week I have three new recommendations: Café Oberkampf, Boot Café, and my personal favourite Coutume Instituutti. The more I search, the more I realise just how many great cafés there are. The problem is, they are always so difficult to find – I almost gave up trying to find Café Oberkampf – although, this may be because I have a terrible sense of direction. For those of you alike, I have included some maps!

Coutume Instituutti



I’m going to start this little review with my favourite, Coutume Instituutti. This is my go-to café for working and studying. As a blogger, you are forced to spend a considerable amount of time alone, at home, typing away. Too many consecutive days of this does my head in so I retreat to this beautiful, coffee laden environment. The change of atmosphere helps me to think and refocus – although that could also be due to the double shot lattes. Both the coffee and food are of exceptional standard. The lunch menu generally includes sourdough sandwiches packed with fillings such as roast pork and apple compote; salads of quinoa, roast vegetables and goat cheese; and Scandinavian-style warm cooked meals. There are light snacks, such as cinnamon rolls, cheesecakes and cookies, and if you arrive early there is usually a traditional French brunch option. For those of you who don’t speak French, there’s no need to worry as most of the staff are native English speakers.

Coutume Instituutti

60 Rue des Écoles, 75005 Paris

Open: Tuesday- Saturday 9:00 – 5:00

Boot Café


Boot Café is quite the opposite of Café Instituutti. It’s about a tenth of the size with only two tables inside and two tables outside. While it’s not ideal if you’re looking for a café to work in, it is ideal if you are after a quick, good, takeaway coffee. During the warmer months, it’s a great place to catch up with friends, as you generally don’t mind lingering outside in the sunshine, but during winter, I recommend going early, during the week if you want to be guaranteed one of the two tables inside.

Boot Café

19 Rue du Pont aux Choux, 75003 Paris

Open: Monday – Sunday 10:00- 6:00

Café Oberkampf


Café Oberkampf is the perfect winter hideaway. The windows blurred with condensation, the intoxicating smell of coffee, and the quiet chatter of international students, give this café an incredibly cosy, homely feel. When you’re suffering from the iciness outside, this is where you need to be! Seven days a week, this café serves up incredible coffees, light snacks (rocky road!!) and original brunches such as shakshuka, as well as the Aussie classic, smashed avocado on toast. For me, this is the café to go to when you’re missing the comforts of home. It’s a place to go to shamelessly speak English, eat an Australian style breakfast and build up the courage to once again go out resume your ‘Parisian’ life.

Café Oberkampf

3 rue Neuve Popincourt, 75011, Paris

Open: Monday- Friday: 8:30 – 5:30, Saturday- Sunday: 9:30- 6:30



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