Weekend Links: 3

Hi guys! This week, I’m writing my Weekend Links in a food-coma-like state on my couch. Julien and I were invited this afternoon to test the new lobster menu at a very stylish establishment in Paris’ 16tharrondissement, Brasserie Auteuil. For a seafood lover like myself this was an irresistible offer – like hello, in what world would I say no lobster! It was seriously delicious! We also indulged in some gin cocktails and smoked buratta, it was quite the treat! As you can imagine, we are feeling very content after such a lovely afternoon but also very much in need of a siesta. Plans to go to the gym, will have to wait until tomorrow! Sunday morning we’re planning on getting up early to head into Paris with Otto. I have a new outfit to take some photos of and we’ll probably stop for a coffee at Kitsuné. That aside, it should be a nice relaxed day.

In case you’re in need of some weekend reading or browsing, here are some links to all things I’ve been enjoying this past week.

  • I’m on the hunt for some winter boots and I can’t decide between these ones, these ones and these ones (leave a comment and let me know your favourite).



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