Weekend links: 2

Hi everyone! September’s hit like a hurricane, wouldn’t you agree? Paris was so peaceful throughout august and just like that we’re back to traffic jams, crowded shops and long line ups. It’s not all bad though. There’s an overwhelming sense of motivation in the air and it’s contagious – even I’ve joined a gym! I’m actually really excited to start. I chose a gym with a pool and plan on swimming for half an hour most mornings. There’s something about being in water that makes me feel my best. I’m also keen to try some Pilates classes and maybe even the odd RPM class here and there. 

Any who, before I get more off topic, here are some links I’ve founds particularly useful or interesting this week! 

  • Last weekend Julien and I had lunch at Pink Mamma and it was mind-blowingly good! You can see some of our photos here
  • This article on natural PMS remedies is super interesting.  
  • I’m a noodle/pasta addict and can’t wait to try this recipe!
  • Already planning your autumn wardrobe? Me too! This guide to colourful winter boots has left me very inspired.  
  • This article on the current state of Instagram is SPOT ON! 
  • Live in Paris and like cider? You’ll love La Cidrerie



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