Sugar-free, Vegan Tiramisu

Happy Weekend !

It has officially been a week since I declared my sugar-free intentions and in case you’re wondering how it’s going, I have to shamefully admit, it has not gone well at all! The truth is, like many of you, I’ve been stuck inside most of the week because of the snow. My home is fortunately (in this case, unfortunately), filled with Ferrero Rochers. I have such a weakness when it comes to these crunchy little delicacies. I just can’t say no. To make matters worse, my husband was away for work and so I had a few “treat yo self” nights with baths, magazines, a few glasses of wine and some girly films. As you can imagine these types of nights are not complete without some chocolate and some sweat snacks (I had already run out of last week’s sugar-free choc orange cakes). Then, to top off this failure of a week, I had to make some bright pink donuts for a photoshoot. There were so many left overs and I just couldn’t help rolling the warm donuts in sugar and cinnamon. They were seriously delicious but I’m feeling rather guilty now. It was recommended to me by someone on Instagram to watch a documentary called That Sugar Film. Apparently, it helped her to kick sugar so I’m hoping if I watch it tonight, it will do the same for me, and this week will be slightly more successful.

Despite, not doing so well in my sugar-free challenge, I’m still really enjoy making sugar-free, healthier desserts, like today’s Sugar-Free, Vegan Tiramisu. The coffee “cream” in this is seriously delicious. The texture is a little different to that of a classic tiramisu, but I find it just as enjoyable.

Sugar-free, Vegan Tiramisu
Sugar-free, Vegan Tiramisu
Sugar-free, Vegan Tiramisu

Sugar-free, Vegan Tiramisu

Prep Time20 minutes
Total Time20 minutes
Servings: 6


The “cake”

  • 120 g of desiccated coconut
  • 150 g of almond meal
  • 3 tablespoons of coconut cream
  • 4 tablespoons of espresso coffee
  • 3 tablespoons of maple syrup
  • 2 tablespoons of cacao powder

The vegan coffee cream

  • 300 g of raw cashews
  • 250 ml of coconut cream
  • 100 g of melted coconut oil
  • 120 ml of maple syrup
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla seed powder
  • 100 ml of espresso coffee
  • Chocolate and dried edible flowers for decorating


The “Cake”

  • Blend together ingredients to form a dry paste. Crumble the mixture into a large bowl and set aside in the fridge.

The vegan coffee cream

  • Soak the cashews in boiling water for at least 20minutes. Drain the water and place the cashews and remaining ingredients in the blender. Blend until as smooth as possible.
  • Take 4 medium size glasses or 6 small glasses and crumble a small amount of the cake into the bottom of each glass. pour a layer of the cream on top and place in the freezer for 10 minutes. Repeat the process. Decorate the top with chocolate shavings and dried edible flowers. Allow to set in the fridge for an hour and eat while nice and cold.



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