Restaurant SaAm: The best spot in Paris for Bao Buns


People often ask me what I miss about about Australia. Despite the obvious answer of family, friends and the beautiful Australian coastline, I must admit I miss the incredibly diverse range of Asian food available throughout every state. Australia’s close proximity to South East Asia has resulted in an abundance of fresh, authentic Asian cuisine which hasn’t been overly adapted to suit western palates – I think that’s what makes it so amazing.

French cuisine is incredible. It’s everything a girl could want: cheese, cream and a hell of a lot of butter. However, too much of this becomes heavy and tiring and leaves me craving spice, freshness and interesting flavours. This is where my new favourite spot for lunch, restaurant SaAm, comes in. They specialise in steamed buns filled with everything from sticky pork belly to crispy fish, with contrasting flavours such as apple slaw and pickled red onion.  The sauces are amazing – Sisho and prune is my favourite – and the buns are served with Asian inspired salads which are far from boring. I’m yet to try the extras and dessert, but simply based on the buns alone this is my new favourite Asian restaurant in Paris!

I’m always on the hunt for great new restaurants. If you’ve found some great Asian cuisine in Paris, leave a message and tell me about it!



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  • Susan Walter
    January 19, 2016 at 9:13 am

    I’ve recommended this place to you before but you’ve probably forgotten: we really like Chez Kim, 3 rue de Mouzaia near Buttes Chaumont. It’s had a slight facelift and is now called the Nouveau Kim. Terrific Vietnamese food.

    • Chelsea
      January 19, 2016 at 9:34 am

      Thanks for reminding me! I might try it this weekend. Have you tried SaAm? I’m a little bit addicted at the moment 🙂