My Sunday night routine for an organised Monday

When Monday quickly comes around after a weekend that always seems to fly by, I like to be prepared for it. There’s nothing worse than starting a new week struggling to catch up or feeling exhausted – although, let’s face it, sometimes it’s unavoidable. I feel that the way you start your Monday somehow predicts how the rest of your week will flow. This is particularly the case when you work from home or when you’re your own boss.

To be as prepared as possible for when Monday arrives, I have slowly, overtime, created a Sunday night routine that involves a balance of getting organised and having time to disconnect – although lately I’ve been struggling with the latter. My routine involves sacrificing just a few hours on Sunday night. You still get to enjoy you weekend, but I find that putting a couple of hours aside on a Sunday night is definitely worthwhile when Monday rolls around.

If you also work for yourself, run a business or struggle to fit in take-home work, keep reading as these tips might help you to maximise your week’s potential and help you to really get shit done.

Leave no email unanswered

By the end of Sunday night, every email should be answered. I don’t always send them on the Sunday night, but I always have a draft completed and ready to send first thing Monday morning. This means I don’t waste hours during the start of my week writing emails. Instead, I can get straight onto other tasks, such as writing blog posts, photographing products and creating recipes.

Figure out what makes you run late on Monday & try to do it Sunday

Do you take too long figuring out what to wear? Does you complicated breakfast and fresh juice make you run half an hour behind schedule? Whatever tends to make you run late, get it done on Sunday. For me, blow drying my hair on a Monday morning always takes me too long. I now do it on a Sunday night so when Monday comes around, I only have to touch it up. As a result, I’m on my way to a coffee shop on time and ready to work.

Write out your Monday to-do list and goals for the week

Monday can easily feel overwhelming when you have a lot on your plate. To avoid this, I always write out my to-do list on a Sunday night. This helps me to see clearly what I need to get done without feeling stressed. As I tick things off my list, the sense of achievement keeps me motivated throughout the day. I also like to write out a list of goals for the week. I keep it next to my to-do list. As the week does on I make sure that my to-do list eventually leads to me accomplishing the week’s goals.

Relax & switch off

Once you’re ready for the week ahead, switch your phone off and disconnect. Do something you love, be indulgent and relax – that’s what Sundays are for after all! I often have a relaxing bubble bath with a glass of wine, or prepare a little snack and watch a film with my husband. Whatever makes you feel good, do it! Just make sure your phone is switched off or out of reach.

One of my favourite things to read about on other blogs, are people’s daily routines. I recently read this article by New Darling that actually inspired me to write this post. If you’ve come across a great article or if you’d like so share one of your daily routines, be sure to drop me a comment at the bottom of the page and let me know!



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