How to increase your blog views with Pinterest

Want to learn how to increase your blog views with Pinterest? Keep reading, I have plenty of tips and advice for doing so!

How to increase your blog views with Pinterest

As bloggers, we spend a considerable amount of time trying to drive traffic to our sites. Hours upon hours of hard work goes into creating each blog post and there’s nothing more disappointing than checking your stats and finding out that only a handful of people have viewed it. I think we, as bloggers, all share a common goal to create work that inspires, informs or motivates people, but for us to be successful in this, we need to make sure that our work can easily be found and accessed. Building up a power social media network is an ideal way of advertising your blog content to a wide audience and thus increasing the viewership of your articles.

From speaking with many French bloggers, I’ve come to realise that the vast majority of bloggers here rely heavily on Instagram and Facebook to drive traffic to their blogs. These are both great tools but they are becoming increasing unpredictable and unstable sources of traffic. I know I’ve personally seen my traffic from Facebook decrease to about a tenth of its normal rate during the last few months due to algorithm changes. If you’re in a similar position, learning to increase your blog views with Pinterest may be a vital skill.

How to increase your blog views with Pinterest

Bloggers in the US strongly rely on Pinterest to boost their blog views. So much so that the majority of American bloggers find that at least 2/3 of their traffic comes from Pinterest. When you first start developing your account you won’t see a sudden spike in traffic like you might with Instagram or Facebook. However, if you’re consistent with you “pinning”, you will notice a slow but steady increase in traffic which has the potential to become the number one source of traffic for your blog. Pinterest also seems to be a more reliable source as the changes they make to their algorithm don’t seem to hit bloggers as hard as what Instagram and Facebook changes do.

If you want to learn how to increase your blog views with Pinterest, make sure you read my tips below. There are a few strategies worth adopting to really ensure that you see results.

How to increase your blog views with Pinterest

Tips to help you increase your blog views with Pinterest

Make the switch to a business account. This will provide you with many benefits, including an analytics page to monitor the success of your pins, and the ability to register for Rich Pins (I’ll talk about this below). Making the switch is easy, just go to Settings, click convert account to a business account, and fill out any required info. More info about converting is available here.

Enabling Rich Pins is a great way to ensure your success on Pinterest. Compared to a normal image pinned from your blog, a Rich Pins contain far more information and data. They are preferred by Pinterest and you’ll find that these pins will have larger impression stats (more views) than regular pinned images. Enabling rich pins can be quite complicated as you need to do a little coding on your blog to get them to work. An easy way to enable Rich Pins and avoid any coding, is to install a Plugin called Yoast SEO on your blog. Once this is installed, go to your blog’s homepage and click on the little Yoast symbol. You can then scroll down and validate your blog for Rich Pins from there. Once this step has been taken, the next time you pin an image from your blog, the title will be in bold and you’ll see some additional information, such as a list of ingredients if it’s a food pin, listed below. It’s a small change, but you’ll definitely see a difference in the rate in which your pins are viewed and repined.

Install a Pin it button on your blog. This is really important (and something I have to update on my own blog) as it allows your viewers to pin images directly from your blog to their Pinterest boards. Make sure your Pin it button is also mobile friendly as the majority of your audience are likely to be viewing your blog from a mobile device.

Make sure your photography is up to scratch. This is quite self-explanatory. Beautiful, sharp images will always be pinned more than dull, unclear photographs.

How to increase your blog views with Pinterest

Experiment with long Pins. Long pins that are almost twice the length of a regular portrait photograph will attract far more attention than a regular size image or a landscape image. Try joining two portrait images together and adding some text in the middle. Generally, these types images are repined the most.

Try 70/30 sharing. Aim to pin 70% your own photos and 30% percent other people’s photos. If your blog’s quite new and you don’t yet have a lot of images you could aim to pin 50% your own and 50% other people’s. Also, don’t be afraid to re-pin some of your older images. Pinterest’s “Smart Feed” algorithm means that people will never see the same image twice.

Aim to Pin 50 images a day. This is probably the most important piece of advice I can offer you. If you Pin consistently you are guaranteed to see results. Try to set 20 minutes aside each day to do some pinning. Many American bloggers use Pinterest scheduling tools such as TailWind to Pin on their behalf. It’s not something I have tried out myself but if you have a busy schedule, it may be a good solution to ensure you are pinning on a regular basis.

Add a couple of hashtags. Hashtags are a new Pinterest feature so why not make the most of it! Whilst you can add up to 20 hashtags, it’s not something I recommend doing. Try adding 4 to the comments section of the image and make sure they are quite specific for example #vegansalad or #applepie.

How to increase your blog views with Pinterest

So there you have my 8 key tips to help you to increase your blog views with Pinterest ! I really hope you’ve found this useful. As we are all aware, social media platforms are constantly changing and evolving. To make sure these tips remain relevant and up to date, I’ll make an effort update this post a few times of year so I can give the most useful information possible.

Before I go, I do have one last tip for all you lovely bloggers reading this, and that is to diversify. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, meaning don’t invest all your time in energy into just one social media platform. You never know algorithm changes with effect you and you don’t want to risk losing all your traffic because of this. My advice is to spend your time equally across varied platforms to ensure your traffic comes from multiple sources. Like that you reduce the risk of seeing sudden drops in views or subscribers.

Good luck with your future Pinning!

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