Current Beauty Must-Haves

Current Beauty Must-Haves - A Parisian Journey

I’ve recently turned 30 and as I’ve passed this milestone, I’ve started paying more attention to my skin’s changing needs. I’m embracing light, yet ultra-hydrating creams and started using a retinol and vitamin C serum to help combat any fine lines. It’s also almost winter so I’ve changed foundations to give my skin a more glowing look. I’m so happy with the products I’ve been using lately that I couldn’t resist sharing them with you. This has to be the first time in a really long time that I’ve found beauty products I’m 100% happy with. I’ve tested these products for quite a few months now and even rebought some bottles (which is something I rarely do as I often prefer to try something new). If you have normal to dry skin and are starting to notice a few fine lines, I’m sure you will love these recommendations.

Current Beauty Must-Haves - A Parisian Journey

Art Naturals Retinol Serum

This is a miracle product with an even more miraculous €14 price tag! Honestly, this product has transformed my skin. I recently found a photo of myself taken a at the start of the year and I cannot believe how much better my skin now looks. The lines around my eyes have dramatically reduced and I feel like my skin is looking much more youthful than it has in a long time. The serum’s star ingredients are retinol, another name for vitamin A –  an astoundingly effective anti-aging product, as well as vitamin C to help brighten the appearance of your skin. I apply the serum every night before I apply my moisturiser, and in the morning, I make sure to apply a hydrating cream with sun protection (very important!!) as the serum makes your skin more sensitive than usual to UV damage.

It takes around 1-2 months before you start seeing results, so don’t be disheartened if your skin isn’t instantly transformed overnight.

Clinique Moisture Surge Gel-Crème

I’m often find gel-creams aren’t hydrating enough for my skin so I was sceptical when I tried this moisturiser. I was, however, pleasantly surprised. It glides beautifully over your skin and makes a fantastic make-up base as it leaves your skin incredibly hydrated without feeling greasy. It doesn’t claim so contain any miraculous ingredients and I feel like it doesn’t have to, it’s simply just a really great moisturiser and that’s that!

Clinique Even Better Glow Foundation

Yes, I am loving Clinique at the moment (and no this isn’t sponsored :))! Since the weather’s cooled down, I’ve been searching for a new foundation. My skin becomes dryer in winter and my previous foundation which I loved (you can read about it here), is starting to look a bit to dry and dull on my skin. I decided to try Clinique’s Even Better Glow and I’m seriously impressed. The texture is light but not watery and yet it provides a decent medium-full coverage. The finish is dewy but not oily and the staying power is impressive. The only downside is the colour range. If you are really pale like me you may struggle to find a shade light enough. I’m using the tone CN28, the lightest shade, and I have to blend it down my neck a little as it’s still a touch too dark.

Too Faced Concealer

I feel that in this day and age, everything should be multifunctional. A concealer should do more than just conceal, I think it should also repair and hydrate, who’s with me on that? That’s why I’m currently loving this Too Faced concealer. Not only does it cover any signs of exhaustion or fatigue, but it also contains hydrating coconut water, soothing willow bark and replenishing vitamin E. While this won’t replace your eye cream, it will make your concealer extra beneficial.

Current Beauty Must-Haves - A Parisian Journey

Whilst I’m seriously loving these products, my hunt for new favourites will never end. I’m currently on the lookout for a fabulous new, longwearing liquid eyeliner so if you have any recommendations let me know below!

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