6 Apps Bloggers Will Love!

Starring at your phone doesn’t have to be a waste of time. Here are 6 apps bloggers will love !

6 apps bloggers will love

I find it absolutely crazy how much time we spend looking at our phones every day. Research has found that we look at our phones over 110 times a day and can easily spend over two hours a day staring at the screen. Even as I’m writing this article, I find myself constantly picking up my phone for no particular reason. It’s a habit that can easily render our days unproductive, especially if you’re like me and suffer from some serious bouts of procrastination – checking Instagram is an excellent way to avoid getting stuck into a project.

Last year there was a lot of talk around digital detoxes and going cold turkey, no social media. While I’m curious as to how this could affect my daily routine, I don’t think this is a solution for me. Instead, I’ve tried to cut down the time I spend on social media and started using my phone to increase my productivity.

For a while now, I’ve been testing out a range of apps that include everything from photo editing to productivity tracking. Today, I want to share with you my top 6 apps bloggers will love! These are apps that I find really make my life much simpler or that really help me to stay on track. Hopefully you’ll find them useful too!

6 apps bloggers will love
6 apps bloggers will love

A fantastic app for bloggers who struggle to concentrate or who wish to track how long it takes them to complete tasks. At the start of each day I enter all the tasks I wish to complete. I select the most important and start the timer. The idea is to work solidly for 25 minutes then take a 5-minute break. After several intervals, you’re rewarded with a lengthier break. I’ve really found that since using this app I get a lot more done throughout the day.

Lorna Jane

Another fantastic tracking app but this time for your physical health. I use this whenever I go for a run or do some form of exercise. It’s quite motivating as you can compare you’re results from one run to the next. It also has a Nourish section with some pretty appetising yet healthy recipes.


Plann is my favourite app at the moment, it’s a real Instagram game-changer! Basically, it allows you to plan in advance the photos you’ll post. I know this doesn’t sound very revolutionary but it means that you can ensure that all your images are consistent and the colour scheme flows. It also doesn’t post photos on your behalf, which means you don’t risk being penalised by Instagram.

6 apps bloggers will love

As a blogger, I often carry a crazy amount of equipment around with me. Everything from cameras to laptops to notepads get thrown into my bag and it gets seriously heavy. I love reading when I’m on the metro but I often can’t justify the addition weight of a book. This is where Kindle comes in. I upload my books and can simply read from my phone. It doesn’t use up much battery power either so it’s perfect for when you’re on a long journey.

A Color Story

I’ve spoken a lot about this app in the past and it still remains one of my favs. It has to be THE BEST photo editing app I’ve come across and it’s perfect for editing photos on the run. You can read all about it here.


An app perfect for those working in a team. Users can easily collaborate on group boards. My husband and I actually find this app really useful and use if from everything from scheduling our week, managing budgets and creating shopping lists. The potential of this app is limitless!

What apps do you guys swear by? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

6 apps bloggers will love



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