48 hours in Noosa


Arriving in Noosa, it was clear that this is one very special place. It screamed relaxation and I simply could not wait to find the nearest beach so could get my holiday started. The air was warm but not overly humid, and the lush reserves and parks were overflowing with native gums and other species typically found in more semi-arid climates. It’s not at all what I expected but I loved it.  The main beach is crowed, but the atmosphere remains relaxed and everyone’s objective for the morning seemed to be finding somewhere to sit and have a coffee. The town is somewhat touristy but it’s clear that many have given up city life to settle in Noosa for good.

Those who are locals are sun kissed, healthy and extremely friendly. By the time my holiday came to an end, I felt not only refreshed, but motived to get active and healthy myself. The calm way of life there was addictive, and it would be hard to leave without wanting to take a piece of that lifestyle home.


Day 1

What better way to start your first day of holidays, than with a good cup of coffee and a big hearty breakfast. I recommend stopping by Café Le Monde, on Hasting street. It’s located in the heart of Noosa and a two-minute walk from the beach. There, you can enjoy a lighter breakfast such as paleo waffles or coconut pancakes, or you can opt for a classic big breakfast or eggs benedict. The freshly squeezed juices and smoothies are very good too. After your long relaxed breakfast, take a stroll down the main street. If you need a new swimsuit, it’s worth stopping by Waterlilly. They stock some great Australian designers and you’re guaranteed to find something unique and beautiful.

Once your breakfast sufficiently digested, it’s time to hit the beach. Noosa Beach is just off the main street and next to an impressive national park, making it a perfect starting point. Find a spot in the sun and spend the next few hours lazing on the beach, reading a great novel and taking a dip in the fresh sea water. It really is paradise. Once you’ve had enough, swap the thongs for a pair of comfortable running shoes spend the rest of the afternoon hiking through Noosa National Parks. There are several different walking tracks you can choose from, however, I recommend following the Costal Track all the way around to Sunshine beach. This will take a few hours but it’s worth doing. The views are fantastic and you will find serval secluded little beaches where you can cool off. Make sure you pack some lunch, a big bottle of water and some sunblock as there aren’t many places to stop for refreshments once you start. This was the highlight of my trip to Noosa and if you get the opportunity I recommend doing this, it’s a very memorable experience.

Once you’ve made it to Sunshine Beach you might want to stop by Costa Noosa Espresso for a refreshing Iced Latte or Mooshka for some beers or cocktails. Relax until dinner time or if you’re a surfer, head back down to the beach to make the most of the waves before sunset. If you’re like me and quite exhausted after a day of sun, swimming and hiking, then stop by Off the Hook, pick up some takeaway fish and chips and take your dinner down to the beach. Besides the odd seagull trying to steal your fish, it’s incredibly peaceful and the perfect way to end the day.


Day 2

Queenslanders are notoriously early risers. It’s not uncommon to see people out and about jogging, rowing or cycling at 5am. Now, for me, that’s a little too early but there is something special about going for an early morning swim in the ocean. It’s unbelievably rejuvenating and leaves you feeling good all day. If that’s not your style, and caffeine’s your first priority, I recommend stopping at Costa Noosa Espresso. I tried quite a few coffee shops in Noosa and this was by far my favourite. Sit out on the terrace and indulge in lattes and sweets until you’re ready to face the day.

Once caffeinated, rejuvenated from your swim, or both, head back towards Noosa’s main street, Hastings Street. There you’ll find a small tourist kiosk where you can buy ferry tickets. Get yourself a return ticket and spend the early afternoon cruising up and down Noosa river. Tickets are a little pricy ($25 for a day pass) but is worth it. If it’s a Saturday, take the ferry to the last stop, Noosa Marina, and spend an hour or so exploring the local market. It’s definitely not the greatest market, but it’s cute in its own way. When hunger sets in, take the ferry to Noosaville Q Place and stop at Ricky’s for lunch. The food there is unbelievably good and really showcases local produce. The view is equally impressive making it the perfect spot for a slow relaxed lunch and a glass of wine.

After your long delicious lunch and a couple of glasses of wine, it’s often difficult to find the energy to explore and visit. I recommend simply relaxing on the beach, taking a long siesta or having a walk in the national park. You are, after all, on holiday, and that’s what Noosa is all about. There isn’t a lot to see or visit in Noosa. It forces you to relax and enjoy time in Nature. Some might find this a little boring, but I found that it was exactly what I needed, some time to switch off and make the most of doing nothing. If you are more of an energetic explorer, there are plenty of day trips and excursions that can be organised at the tourism office.



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