Photo Editing App of the Month: A Color Story

A Color Story Review

Hi Guys!

I’m really excited to be sharing this blog post with you all today. After much demand (which is so flattering, thank you), I will be sharing with you all my favourite photo editing apps, some very useful photography tips, as well as guides to lighting, styling and using your camera manually. I have not had any professional photography training, nor have I studied graphic design. I have, however, watched a lot of YouTube videos, practised until I literally had a migraine and I’ve done a lot of research. I learnt the hard way and I’m hoping I can pass on some really practical and useful advice to help you feel inspired to up your photography game!

To start, I’ll be reviewing one of my favourite photo editing apps, A Color Story. This will be the first of a series photo editing app reviews available once a month. I’ll try to include as many free apps as possible, but occasionally they will cost a few euros to download. So, what do you think, should we get started?

A Color Story is one of my favourite photo editing apps for many reasons. Firstly, it was created by the founder of A Beautiful Mess, a lifestyle blog I’ve adored for many years now. These guys are seriously talented. Their photos are always so colourful and vibrant as well as being sharp and perfectly composed. A Color Story, allows you to recreate their vibrant style and easily enhance your own photos. There are 3 main ways you can inject an extra dose of colour into your photos, with filters, special effects or by manually editing the photos. I’ll give you a step-by-step guide to using each one.

A Color Story Filters

Taking photos in cafés and restaurants can be a real challenge. More often than not, you’re relying on warm, unnatural lighting and the results aren’t always great. The photo on the left is the original. It’s not a terrible photo but I feel like the tones of the wood won’t work well in my Instagram feed. To add more character to the photos I’ve gone to ‘Filters’ and I’ve bought a pack called Candy Minimal and I’ve applied the Honey Pot filter. I reduced the intensity by half and I’m happy with the result. It’s added a beautiful soft pink tone to the photo and it will now be consistent with the rest of my photos in my Instagram gallery.

A Color Story Effects

A Colour Story’s effects were initially what drew me to this app, particularly the Skies Over and Color Fog effects. You do need to pay approximately 2 euros to use these effects, but I do think it’s worth it. It’s a great way to add some colour to grey skies or to brighten up a plain coloured background. To the middle picture, I’ve added the Skies Over effect in Las Vegas. You can move where you’d like the coloured area to be by touching the coloured area and dragging it to where you’d like it to be. You can also rotate the effect by touching it with your forefinger and thumb then twisting. I like to drag the coloured area right to the top of the photo, then reduce the intensity by about half. In the last photo, I’ve added the Skies Over effect in Miami.

Adjustment Tools

A color Story’s adjustment tools are so much fun to play around with. You can be as subtle or dramatic as you’d like. Here, in this example, I’ve started by increasing the brightness just a little. Next, I’ve gone to ‘Tint’ and dragged the bar to the right to increase the pink tones. I like this effect but I wanted the result to be more dramatic so I went to ‘Hue Shift’ and I dragged the bar just slightly to the right. Next, I went to ‘Temperature’ and decreased it slightly. To finish, I increased the contrast and brightness. As you can see, there’s quite a dramatic difference between the two photos. I don’t like to always have overly edited photos in my Instagram feed by from time to time it can be a lot fun.

There are so many more great features within this app, and the best way to discover them is by playing around. I’m still discovering them all myself. I recently installed the ‘Organic’ filter and I’m really loving the natural, soft feel it adds to photos. Even if you don’t add any filters, you can create hundreds of different looks by playing around with the tools. I think in a few months’ time I’ll come back to this app to do a part 2.

If you’ve liked this post and learnt something new, drop me a comment and let me know! I’d love to hear your feedback as well as your what apps and programs you like to use for photo editing!

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