October on Instagram

  • Nov 3, 2015

October Instagram

October was truly a month of extreme contrasts. Blossoms bloomed in the south and leaves fell in the north; the sun shone bright and strong in Australia, as temperatures turned frosty in France; sad goodbyes were said and friends were reunited; time was spend with my beautiful little niece and family, but sadly without my Frenchie. It was a fast-paced month full of travel and creative endeavors. Many macarons were eaten; plenty of wine was shared between friends; birthdays were celebrated; too many coffees were consumed, and plans for the future were made. November is now here and I must admit that while October was a great, I’m looking forwards to four weeks of getting organised, finding work, getting back into studies and focusing on my blog – as well as another ‘secret’ project that I might share with you all soon.

So tell me readers, how was your October and what are you looking forwards to in November?


November 8, 2015