November on Instagram

  • Dec 1, 2015


November generally marks the debut of the festive season. It’s the time the rainy streets of Paris transform into somewhat of a Christmas wonderland. The streets are lit up with ornate ornaments, mulled wine is poured from chalet-like stands, and fresh oysters are shucked out the front of busy café terraces – yes, this happens in winter here. However, this November, this much loved city has been overwhelmed by a lingering darkness. Sadly, we have been robbed of a time that should be shared with friends and family out and about celebrating the arrival of this much loved season. Unjustly, I now have to rethink my plans, places I want to visit and what metro lines I take as I no longer feel safe doing the things I normally love or simply going about daily tasks. I know that in time this feeling will pass, for many in Paris this is already the case, but for the moment I feel bereaved of not only a month I usually love, but my general sense of security. This difficult month has made me protective of those I love and has also made cherish my time with them. This is a month that has forced me slow down, spend more time at home, and really rethink what is important to me. December is now here shedding a ray of light on the city. We hope for a peaceful month, a month that allows us to go back to doing what we love, and a month of positive outcomes as the COP21 climate change negotiations proceed.

November 22, 2015