Macarons Gourmands- The latest boutique to hit the streets of Paris

  • Apr 20, 2015

macaron 7Move over Ladurée, there’s a new macaron boutique in town!! Located on Rue de Seine, in the heart of Saint Germain, the new store, Macarons Gourmands, gives the traditionally celebrated boutiques such as Pierre Hermé and Ladurée, a run for their money. While Macarons Gourmands doesn’t quite compete in terms of packaging, they do set the standards in terms of taste and unique flavour combinations. Standard flavours include chestnut, chocolate passionfruit, and chocolate and sea salt, while more interesting flavours include mojito, earl grey tea, and some sort of tropical, citrus, chilli combination that just so happens to be my favourite (I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten the actual name).

In terms of price, Macarons Gourmands, once again present themselves as serious competition. A box of 6 retails at approximately €9, compared to roughly €16 for a box of macarons that are of a similar quality. I cannot remember the prices of the larger boxes as I was quite distracted by the delicious array of flavours and colours- note to self: photograph the pricelist next time!

The only negative point concerning this boutique is their lack of pretty packaging. I realise that this seems like quite a superficial critique, but one of the great things about Ladurée is their collectable and reusable packing. It turns macarons into more than just a quick snack. I know personally, I love finding a beautiful park in Paris to sit in and delicately unfold the paper from the macarons, slowly eating them trying to savour every bite. Once they’ve all been consumed you are still left a beautiful box that I usually use to store earrings and jewellery in. Nevertheless, this is a very small critique and I highly recommend that you try Macarons Gourmands!






Macarons Gourmands

62 Rue de Seine

75006 Paris