How to dress like a Parisian this New Year’s Eve

  • Dec 30, 2015


Can you believe tomorrow is New Year’s Eve? Like Christmas, it has somehow managed to sneak up on me leaving me quite unprepared. New Year’s Eve, is not a night I particularly like. In fact, it’s safe to say I rather dislike it. When you live in a big city like Paris, it’s difficult to go with the flow and see where the night takes you. Here, you really need to plan ahead, booking restaurants or even tickets to bars and clubs far in advance. If you live slightly out of Paris (as I do) getting home is near impossible. If you do manage to secure both a venue and transportation, I still find that the pressure to have an amazing night somehow renders me incapable of doing so. Does anyone else feel like this? Surely I’m not alone! Anyway, most years I have been lucky enough to avoid this problem by escaping to a new city. I find New Year’s Eve far more enjoyable when you’re are holiday. Last year, my husband and I spent the night in a random pub in Ireland listening to live music and downing pints of Guinness. It was stress-free, pure bliss. This year, we are far from organised and have no idea what we are doing. One thing I do know, is that I’ll be embracing my favourite part of New Year’s – getting dressed up!

Dressing for a night out is one thing I find Parisians do rather well. That’s not to say that all Parisians dress amazing – some certainly don’t – but in general I feel they have mastered this far better than the majority of Australians have (I’ve never spent New Year’s in the States or England so I can’t compare to these countries). You will never catch a Parisian in an ultra-tight short dress that reveals far too much cleavage, nor will you catch a Parisian trying to walk in heels far too high. Here, it’s all about finding what is right for your body type and finding a balance between sexiness and class. Based on my observations I’ve created a list of ways that you can add a touch of Frenchness to your outfit this New Year’s Eve.

1.Add some gold and glimmer!


Black dress with gold flecks available at & Other Stories, Black and Gold strip dress and gold sequin dress available at Maje.

Come December, stores throughout Paris are filled with gold embellished dresses, skirts, tops and jumpsuits. It’s is my absolute favourite time of the year to go clothes shopping. Adding something gold, shinny or sequined is an absolute must for New Year’s Eve.

2.Red Lipstick


My favourite reds: Tom Ford in Cherry Lush, Nars velvet lush pencil in Red Square, Dior Diorific in Ange Bleu, and Mac Ruby Woo.

After many years of close inspection, I have noticed that most Parisian women don’t wear a lot of make up in terms of foundation. The base is left quite natural and fresh looking, while some perfectly applied red lipstick adds colour and a touch of glamour. Take the time to select the perfect shade for your skin tone and prep your lips before applying.

3.Balance a short skirt


Left outfit by Maje and right by Zara.

I love short skirts but they can easily look trashy if teamed with the wrong top. To keep this in check, Parisians tend to wear a short skirt with a long sleeve top or shirt that shows minimal cleavage. It’s all about creating a balanced look. You need to choose your focal point. If you want to wear a tighter, more revealing top, a longer pencil skirt would be a better option.

4.Wear heels you can walk in


Image from Pinterest

You will never catch a Parisian walking barefoot and carrying their shoes before midnight – I know I’ve never caught them in the act anyway. This is because heel sizes tend to be a lot lower here and people seem to know their own limitations. Parisians know that there is no point in wearing a beautiful pair of shoes if you can’t walk and dance all night in them.

4.Don’t over-style your hair


Images from Pinterest. Links are here, here and here.

I don’t know how, but Parisian woman seem to always have amazing hair without doing a thing to it. No blowdrying, no curling, nothing! I have a crazy amount of frizzy hair that requires a fair bit of attention. I’ve tried this no-nonsense styling but it’s not for me. If your hair is relatively well behaved, try doing as the French do – nothing! Otherwise, try to make your hair look as unstyled as possible. It will give you that effortlessly styled Parisian look.

Hope you lovely readers are feeling inspired! Tell me, What have you got planned for the new year? Maybe you can inspire me!

Happy New Year!

See you in 2016


  1. Reneé

    December 31, 2015

    So well written and all so true!!
    Happy new year my darling!
    Looking forward to next years blog. ?