Afternoon tea at Odette, Paris

  • Mar 15, 2016

Tucked away ever so slightly from the bustling streets surrounding the Notre-Dame Cathedral, is one of Paris’ true hidden gems: Odette. Specialising in Choux à la Crème, aka Cream Puffs, this small three-storey café will instantly transport you to 1920s Paris thanks to the elegant art deco design and complimenting music. Considering Odette’s remarkable location, the café was pleasantly quiet – tranquillity in Paris is extremely rare and incredibly valued so the café received a huge tick of approval on that side of things. I must admit, that I arrived here just after being hassled by a sleazy French man which left me feeling quite negative about Paris. Thankfully, this café has a way of reminding you what is great about the city. It reminds you of the Paris’ fascinating history, its breathtaking beauty, and how incredibly delicious French patisserie can be. After an espresso and a few choux à la crème, I once again, adored Paris.

 As for the coffee, it isn’t outstanding but it isn’t bad either. I can be quite critical when it comes to coffee, but I like this café enough that I’m willing to overlook any imperfections. I’m sure I will return regardless of them. The cream puffs were everything they should be: light, airy and bulging with intensely flavoured patisserie cream. My only criticism is that the flavours are very traditional. It would be great to see some weekly specials with more interesting flavour combinations. That aside, this is a beautiful, little place that I will definitely return to – maybe even tomorrow.


77 Rue Galande,

75005 Paris


  1. Elicia

    March 15, 2016


    • Chelsea

      March 17, 2016

      Thanks Elicia!